Is my router compatible?

Have your own router and want to check if it's compatible with our network? Check out our requirements below.

Your existing router may have worked perfectly fine with a previous internet service, especially if it’s a newer model. However as some networks still use outdated connection methods compared to ours, your current router may not be compatible with our network.

NOTE: If you live in the following buildings, please see this Article

  • Building 1, 1-5 Cremin Street, Upper Mount Gravatt 4122, QLD
  • 31 Bourton Road, Merrimac 4226, QLD
  • 70 Carl Street, Woolloongabba 4102, QLD


Internet Connection Port


Whether you're in an FTTP or FTTB building, you'll need to have a router with an Ethernet WAN/Internet Port.

On most routers, these ports are commonly coloured Blue, and they should be the same size and shape as the other network ports on the router. The port will be labelled WAN or simply Internet

Some routers will have BOTH a WAN port and a DSL port - these routers MAY be compatible with our network, but we cannot guarantee their stability and do not recommend using them on our network as they are primarily designed for ADSL/VDSL connections which we don't support.

If your router ONLY has a DSL port, unfortunately it's not compatible with our network.

Internet Connection Type


We use two different Connection Types on our network, and your router will need to support both:

PPPoE: In our FTTP buildings, we use the PPPoE connection type - this requires a Username and Password for your connection to function.


DHCP/Dynamic/Automatic IP: In our FTTB and some FTTP buildings we also use the DHCP connection type. Depending on your router, this may also be called Dynamic or Automatic IP. This connection type will allow router router to automatically connect to our network without a username or password.




If you have a Optus, Telstra or Belong branded router, these are unfortunately not 100% compatible with our network and we do not recommend using them on our network.

What happens if the installer determines my router is incompatible?


During your installation, a DGtek installer will check to ensure that your router is compatible. If you have provided an incompatible router, a Pineapple Net Wi-Fi router can be supplied at retail cost - this will be added to your first invoice.