Spirit Building Disconnections



In November 2021, Pineapple Net purchased residential connections and infrastructure from Spirit Telecom who were the original Internet Service Provider for your building.

During this sale, all rights and responsibilities of Spirit Telecom Residential connections in your building were transferred from Spirit Telecom, to Pineapple Net. Additionally, the equipment used within your building by Spirit Telecom to deliver services to individual apartments was also transferred to Pineapple Net.


Our goal was to work with DGtek who would expand their Fibre Optic Network to your building to replace the Fixed Wireless connection currently servicing your building. In the meantime, your building remained connected via the Spirit Telecom Fixed Wireless backhaul.


Unfortunately, due to limiting factors discovered during the planning phase for your building, DGtek have advised that they are unable to bring their Fibre to your building.


As a result, we will no longer be able to service your address, and your Pineapple Net connection will be disconnected.


What happens next?


As DGtek are no longer planning to extend their network to your building, and our agreement with Spirit Telecom to continue providing services to your building via Fixed Wireless is coming to an end, we have had to issue cancellations for all services in your building.


Unfortunately this means that you will need to find a new Internet Service Provider.


We have sent you both an Email and an SMS with the specific dates for the cancellation of services in your building. This should give you sufficient time to locate a new provider before your Pineapple Net service is terminated.




If you have signed a fixed-term contract with us, there's no need to worry as we will not be charging any contract break fees, and you may cancel up to 30 days before the date we have advised your building is due to be disconnected.


If you find a new provider before the scheduled disconnection date of your building, please let us know and we'll schedule your cancellation ensuring you provide at least 30 days notice.


If you received any equipment from us when you first connected, there is no need to return it as this was either provided to you free of charge, or was paid for via your account set-up fee.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please get in touch by contacting out Accounts team on 1300 857 501, or accounts@pineapple.net.au