Sky Garden Building 1 ZTE Router Configuration-Guide

This article describes the steps required to configure ZTE Routers installed in Sky Garden Building 1 - 1-5 Cremin Street, Upper Mount Gravatt

  1. Ensure the DSL cable is connected to the DSL Port on your router, and a DSL port on the wall
  2. Identify your Rouetr’s SSID on the pre-installed modem in your apartment
  3. Connect your wireless device to the router in your apartment by finding the
    “SSID” that is located on the back of your modem (see step 1)
  4. Enter the “Wireless Key” when promoted. The “Wireless Key” is located on the back of the router in
    your apartment (see step 1)
  5. Open your internet browser and add the following IP address into the address bar –
  6. The ZTE Modem login page should now display. Please enter “admin” for
    Username and “admin” for Password
    Username = admin
    Password = admin
  7. Click on the network tab
  8. Add details as per screen shot below. If you haven’t been supplied a username
    and password please email
  9. Click “Create” – Congratulations you’re all DONE!