Can I pause my services?

Are you going away and need to pause your services? We can help with that!

Do you pause connections?


Yes! We allow our customers to pause their services for up to 3 months in any 12 month period.


How do I pause my connection?


Simply submit a ticket through our website! There's a specific ticket type for pausing connections.

Submit a Ticket

Alternatively you can contact our Accounts team on 1300 857 501

How does it work?


We will temporarily disable your connection starting on the date you elect to pause from, and you'll receive no further bills until the service is turned back on - you'll only need to pay for the service up until the date it pauses.


How do I re-activate my service?


If you know the date you need your connection re-activated, we can schedule that for you at the same time, otherwise just give us a few days notice to get you reconnected. You can either submit a ticket via our website, or give our Accounts team a call on 1800 857 501.

Once your service is re-activated, you'll receive a new bill starting from the day you chose to activate.


What happens if I don't re-activate after 3 Months?

If you don't re-activate your services within the 3 Month window, your connection will be automatically be resumed and you will need to start paying your monthly invoices again.