How do I find my Connection Details

This article describes how to locate the details of your connection for configuring your Router

  1. Log into the Pineapple Net Customer Portal
    1. Navigate to our Website: and click the "Sign In" button in the top right hand corner
    2. Enter the Email Address associated to your account, then click Continue - this is the same Email Address your invoices and payment receipts are sent to
    3. If this is your first time signing into your account, you will be sent a One-Time-Password to your email address, otherwise enter the Password you created for your account
      1. If you do not see your One-Time-Password in your Email Inbox, please check your Spam or Promotions folders
      2. On-Time-Passwords are valid for 5 minutes - please do not repeatedly request a new password as this voids the previously sent passwords
    4. Select the Connection you wish to locate the Connection Details for
    5. Your Connection Details will be displayed within the Connection Record
      1. If your connection type is PPPoE:
        1. The Username and Password are Case sensitive and must be entered exactly as they appear in this section
        2. PPPoE Usernames and Passwords cannot be changed
      2. If your connection type is DHCP:
        1. No Username or Password is required, and these fields will display as N/A (Not Applicable)