Why do I need to book an installation?

Wanting to get connected to Pineapple Net, but not sure why you need to book an installation? Find out more below!

Why do I need to book an installation?


Because we utilise the DGtek Fibre Network which runs separately to the NBN, or other providers in your building, not every apartment in your building is currently connected. A DGtek installer will need to come out to connect your property to the network.


You, or someone else will need to be home during the booking window to allow a DGtek Installer access to your property to get you connected to Australia's fastest privately owned Fibre Optic Network.

How long will the installation take?


Typically these installations can be done within 30-90 minutes on average depending on the complexity and quality of the cabling in your building.


Does any extra equipment need to be installed?


In most buildings we are connected to, we can simply use existing cabling to get you connected so no additional equipment is required. However some newer buildings may require a Network Termination Device (NTD) to be installed - this is similar to an NBN box. Installation of additional hardware is done with utmost care, and is very unobtrusive.


Do I need permission for installations in my apartment?


We have already obtained pre-approval for the installation of DGtek Network Termination Devices from your Building Manager and the Owners Corporation, so no additional approval is required.


Additionally, according to the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 a rental provider cannot refuse permission for changes to be made to a property to give the renter access to internet or television services unless they have a good reason.